Jonathan Baily

Press play. Close your eyes. Lean back and get ready to be washed over by a wave of emotional pop-songs full of intimate lyrics, velvety vocals and creative sounds. This six-foot-four, American-German artist is a singer/songwriter at his core, and he does not shy away from exploring the depths of the human experience nor from offering his treasures with an honest, poetic vulnerability. Though Baily also writes about the standard fare of the Pop-genre – finding and loosing love, even these lyrics push past the obvious cliches and often delight the careful listener with an unexpected twist or an over-looked perspective. Drawing from his rich experience as a bi-national, multi-lingual, resident of Mannheim, who has not only spent his most impressionable years in the South Pacific, but also has spent significant time immersed in his American heritage in the midwest of the U.S., Jonathan Baily’s songs consistently reveal his gift for this kind of refreshing perspective-taking and story-telling.

“I don’t know if I will ever stop trying to make something new and unexpected. And hopefully the music I make will resonate with peoples deep felt human experiences. And that’s my hope.“